Controversial Topics Within The Tattoo Environment!

Many tattoo artists and clientele have anxiety. Crazy right? Within the shop environment the clientele and artists will converse, especially due to the discomfort of a needle piercing your skin thousands of times. However, when do we draw the line on what is and is not socially acceptable for the rest of the inhabitants of the shop?

To some the more offensive the better! However, in most cases this is not preferred. This is where communication between the artist and clientele is vital to ensure the comfortability of the shop. I understand some may have a form of anxiety that causes you to not voice your feelings in a social environment, as well as you do not want to offend or irritate anyone. Is there a safe way to go about this? The answer is, Yes!

If you are put into an uncomfortable situation talking about such topics as religion, racism, the state of the world, politics, or even the rash on the artists ass. Respectfully tell them you would like to take a break and ask to speak to the artist in a safe space, such as outside. If you feel more comfortable all shops have either a manager and or owner that you can have as a mediator and so that the issue can be resolved and documented properly for future reference. Please do not feel bad. Tattoo artists are to take full responsibility when putting someone in an uncomfortable position and vice versa. Artists take pride in their work and may respect the constructive criticism in the long run. We are all human and have the potential to improve.

Here at Dark Valley Tattoo Collective the last thing we want to do is offend or disrespect any of the clientele or future clientele. We take pride in having a safe, fun, aesthetically pleasing tattoo shop. However we do not tolerate this kind of behavior. So if perhaps you become the victim and are put in this position we respectfully ask you to let us know. Our shop manager and owner are more than happy to accept the constructive criticism. We are also here to be that mediator if need be, we don't mind. We will take full responsibility and do what we can to make you feel more comfortable. We strive to get better and better every day! Conversation and honesty are key.

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